Jotaro Takagi

Jotaro Takagi〔1927~2016〕


Academic & Work History

April, 1927 Born in Tokyo, Japan

March, 1950 Graduated from Chuo University

April, 1950 Started working for Mitsubishi Jisho Co.,Ltd

June, 1987 President of Mitsubishi Jisho Co.,Ltd.

June, 1994 Chairman of Mitsubishi Jisho Co,.Ltd.

October, 2003 To be decorated Gyokujitsu Shigemitsu Prize


Karate Do History

April, 1946 Entered Chuo University & Joined the karate club

                 Since then, did karate practice throughout lifetime

April, 1958   Took part in the establishment of Nihon Karatedo


April, 1995   Chairman of Broad of Directors of Nihon Karatedo

                   Shotokai & President of Shotokan